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Nightmare On Elm Street
by Edgar J. Steele, November 21, 2003

"(A) nation that is afraid to let its people judge the
truth and falsehood in an open market
is a nation that is afraid of its people."

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable."
President John F. Kennedy

Forty years ago tomorrow, on November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while riding in an open limousine down Elm Street, near Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

I watched last night's ABC "Special Report" with Peter Jennings, which did the best job of whitewashing the JFK assassination that I have seen.

There were several holes in the ABC production, but the single most glaring concerned the 3rd shot, to JFK's head, the one that threw his head back, documented thanks only to the Zapruder film (which the government suppressed for so long).

The Zapruder film was shown again and again, frame by frame, early on in this program, but always was stopped just prior to the head shot. So, too, the animated sequence they employed ignored the head shot. What they concentrated on disproving was the "magic bullet" theory, which says that the bullet which hit both JFK and Governor Connelly had to have taken a couple of impossible turns. It's the magician's stock in trade to distract you with one hand while doing the deed with the other, don't forget.

Jennings carefully ignored the head-shot issue until almost the very end of the program, then dealt with it in the context of a lengthy debunking of the Oliver Stone film, "JFK." Here is the entirety of Jennings' explanation: "A bullet can throw a body in any direction." That's it. I kid you not.

The head shot is the single most incontrovertible item proving there was more than one shooter. I was amazed to see such a costly and slick production essentially ignore the most important aspect of the case. The very first time I saw the Zapruder film, I became a believer that, at minimum, there were two shooters.

Try this for yourself: get a hundred watermelons and set them on a stone wall. Then, fire a high-velocity rifle slug at each in turn. Every single one will be thrown backward. Every one. Not one will deviate.

There is an initial explosion in all directions upon impact of a projectile into an object. Then, as a bullet passes through an object, more and more of its velocity is transmitted into that object. Thus, a solid object goes directly and violently along the path of the projectile. A mushy object, like a watermelon or a human head, doesn't go as quickly, but it goes along that path, just the same. The laws of physics are like that - constant and repeatable.

You can download a complete copy of the Zapruder film for yourself from this site:

Watch it closely and you will see the spray of blood that erupts from the front of Kennedy's head when that bullet impacts, just as you will see those watermelons spray juice toward you in reaction to the rifle slugs (the juice actually is traveling in all directions, but you can only see that which is flying back from the object, of course). Remember how Jackie was covered in blood spray afterwards, as she stood next to LBJ in Air Force One during his swearing in? Notice that, at the moment of the head shot, she has turned and is directly facing JFK from aside him as he claws at the wound in his throat.

Remember all those gory gangster movies that so authentically show the shooter getting spattered with blood when taking a close-up kill shot? Remember the accidental shot that John Travolta makes inside the car in "Pulp Fiction?" Blood sprays back from the point of impact. Every time.

Even more persuasive are the JFK autopsy photos, which show the gaping exit wound in the back of his skull: Compare them to the exit "wounds" in the backs of all those watermelons you just killed. Compare the much smaller entry wounds, too.

It is a standard trial lawyer trick to allow the other side to proceed to trial with as many weak issues as possible, so that the trial can be made to seem to be about them. Then, the real weakness is glossed over. Often, the jury simply does not notice. That is what has been done by Peter Jennings in the current ABC program. He is very convincing on the issues he chooses, because those are the issues that support the Oswald-as-lone-gunman story. There are others, however, with the head shot issue merely being the most glaring.

Oswald said it plainly before he was, himself, assassinated: "I'm a patsy." Hear it for yourself:

The best and most thoroughgoing analysis of the JFK assassination I have seen is Michael C. Piper's book, "Final Judgment," which now is all but banned in America and therefore very hard to find, since it is out of print. You would be well advised to secure and read a copy, if at all possible.

The real tipoff came at the very end, when Jennings explained why so many want there to have been a conspiracy: simply to justify so monstrous a crime. "Six million dead on one side of the scale and the Nazi regime on the other - huge crime balanced by a huge criminal. Similarly, people want JFK to have been killed by something other than that wretched waif, Oswald."

Jennings' invocation of the now ritual, semi-religious "holocaust" shows just who is in charge, and makes clear on which side of this issue all right-thinking Americans are expected to land.

Members of this list think for themselves, fortunately.

John F. Kennedy was a good man, an individual thinker and a courageous individual. He would have proven to be a great president, despite the tragedy that his civil rights program has become. He was the last of a breed.

JFK's death marked the beginning of a coup that now has come to full flower in America. Freddy Krueger would be proud.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

"I didn't say it would be easy.
I just said it would be the truth."

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Oliver Stone's self-proclaimed "countermyth," JFK mocks the doubtful veracity of the Warren Commission's findings on the Kennedy assassination and summmarizes some of the myriad theories that have been proposed in its stead. Focusing on the investigation by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison into the activities of the FBI and other government agencies as well as their attempted cover-ups, Stone weaves fact and speculation into a compelling argument for the reopening of the case files.

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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The Cover-Up - An FBI agent confirms that evidence has been suppressed, and a notorious criminal is confronted about his possible role.

The Patsy - Witness Oswald's reaction when charged with the shooting, and the mortician who buried the alleged assassin reveals what he discovered 18 years later.

The Witnesses - The people who were there - but who the government chose to ignore - tell their versions of what happened at Dealey Plaza. The Truth Shall Set You Free - See conclusive proof that the official autopsy photos were faked, and hear from an Army Colonel who says he was trained to eliminate witnesses to the assassination.

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